Upcoming Multibagger Penny Stocks to Watch in 2025

Posted by : Ketan Sonalkar | Thu May 02 2024

Upcoming Multibagger Penny Stocks to Watch in 2025

Upcoming Multibagger Penny Stocks

In the investing world, penny stocks are the ones that are often seen with the tag of high-risk high-reward investments. However, hidden among the pool of penny stocks are potential gems, poised for growth and turn into multibagger. 

Yes, you heard it right! Today, we are going to explore the world of Upcoming Multibagger Penny Stocks in 2025. So, buckle up and get ready for an exciting journey through the world of penny stocks. 

What are Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are stocks that are generally traded at a low price. But don’t underestimate them; sometimes, they provide multibagger opportunities and become chart-toppers in the stock market. However, with high reward comes high risk. Penny stocks are very volatile in nature; they change quickly, which makes them perfect for investors looking for short-term gains. Investors often think that with Rs 50,000, they can buy 50 stocks priced at Rs 1000 each.

Upcoming Multibagger Penny Stocks

But in the case of a penny stock priced at Rs 4-5, they can buy 12000 stocks with the same Rs 50,000, resulting in more shares. Top Penny stocks give multifold results. The key is to find the right stock that can present these upcoming high returns.  It depends on the company’s fundamentals, background, and products. Don’t just buy stock based on the price; you have to consider various factors before investing in any penny stocks, as investing in top penny stocks comes with high risk.

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Best Upcoming Multibagger Penny Stocks in 2025

Here we are doing most of your job. Here is the curated list of the top 10 multibagger penny stocks, in which you can invest and enjoy high returns.

Best penny stocks future multibagger

S.no Stocks Name Market Capitalization(in Cr) P/E Ratio 5 Years Returns (%)
1. IRFC Ltd. 2,05,502 34.03 541.53
2. Trident Ltd. 20,057.7 47.46 498.79
3. Yes Bank Ltd. 78,640.23 61.19 -85.53
4. Exide Industries Ltd. 40,146 45.79 113.89
5. Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Ltd. 4,587 NA 337.80
6. South Indian Bank 8,049.57 7.21 82.55
7. Urja Global Ltd. 1,224 494.82 813.04
8. Facor Alloys Ltd. 151.16 NA 308,42
9. Airan Ltd. 331 30.81 69.99
10. Centum Electronics Ltd. 2,607 87.11 335.62

1. Indian Railways Finance Corporation Ltd.

As the backbone of India’s transportation sector, this company has the potential to grow as the country’s infrastructure expands. IRFC is trading at 0.76 times the book value. The company’s operating income has grown over the years. The profits have also increased over the years, which is a good indicator, and thus can be considered the best penny stock future multibagger.

2. Trident Ltd 

With a strong presence in the textile industry, Trident Ltd is poised for growth as the demand for textiles continues to rise and add to the list of upcoming multibagger penny stocks.

3. Yes Bank

Even after a turbulent past, Yes Bank is on the path to recovery making it an attractive prospect for investors looking for a turnaround story. 

Its earnings have improved as the bank’s shares have recovered 50% from their 52-week low. Additionally, it has lower gross non-performing assets. Yes Bank’s capital adequacy ratio is 17.90%, which is considered good. It has also delivered profit growth of 26.90% in the past three years. 

4. Exide Industries

Exide Industries is a major player in the battery industry. It could benefit from the growing demand for electric vehicles and renewable energy solutions.  

Exide’s debt has decreased by ₹10.06 crores. It has maintained a healthy ROE and ROCE over the past three years. 

5. Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Ltd.

With a focus on the sugar industry, this company could see growth as the demand for sugar and its by-products increases. It manufactures ethanol, a green fuel whose demand is increasing quickly and is crucial in the energy market. Bajaj Hindustan Sugar Ltd is our upcoming multibagger penny stock.

6. South Indian Bank

As one of the leading banks in South India, South Indian Bank has the potential to grow alongside the region’s economy. It has a good capital adequacy ratio of 17.25% and has delivered a profit of 94.96% in the past three years. The bank has successfully executed a renewed business strategy and has lower non-performing assets. 

7. Urja Global Ltd.

Specializing in renewable energy solutions, Urja Global Ltd could benefit from the increasing focus on sustainability and clean energy. Urja Global Ltd. is an emerging company primarily present in the solar energy segment. Since the demand for renewable energy is increasing, the company is working in a strong and growing field. A good option considering a potential upcoming multibagger penny stock  

8. Facor Alloys Ltd.

With a focus on the alloy industry, Facor Alloys Ltd could see growth as industries such as automotive and construction expand. The company is virtually debt-free and has an efficient cash conversion cycle (-24.71 days). Its interest coverage ratio is 19.33, which is quite healthy. 

9. Airan Ltd.

Engaged in the manufacturing of electrical equipment, Airan Ltd could benefit from the growing demand for electricity and power infrastructure. 

10. Centum Electronics Ltd.

With a focus on electronic products, Centum Electronics Ltd could see growth as the demand for electronics continues to rise. It also has good cash flow management and a high promoter holding (58.80%).

These stocks are considered some of the best penny stocks for future multibaggers. However, it is important to conduct thorough research and consider the risks associated with penny stocks before investing, 

The reasons why you can always consider investing in penny stocks

is highlighted by its affordability. As the market capitalization of penny stock companies is low, you can easily get more shares at a reasonable price. The room for growth is expected to be much higher in penny stocks as they are already trading at a low price, and how much more they can fall, the only way they can go is up. If invested wisely, there is a chance these penny stocks can become upcoming multibagger penny stocks. 

But, as said, with reward comes Risk.

Penny stocks often carry their fair share of risk, as most of these stocks are junk, and most companies are no good in any sense and are often involved in scams. So, there is always a doubt or no blind trust in penny stock companies. Moreover, once you buy a penny stock, it is very difficult to sell it at a decent price. Bid-ask price will force you to sell at a cheap price, which will eventually be your loss. 

So, the TIP 

Here to be aware and safe from the risks involved in penny stocks is to do your research, identify the potential catalysts of the stocks, invest in companies with high market capitalization, beware of the pump and dump scheme, and always take guidance and help from research analysts to get better insights. 

Multibagger Penny Stocks 

Combined with the potential for multifold results, penny stocks, when they give high returns, are called multibagger penny stocks. That’s right! Don’t underestimate their low prices because these stocks have the potential to grow multiple times over, hence the term “multibagger.” Multibagger penny stocks are those diamonds in the rough, trading at low prices (often less than Rs 5 per share) with the potential to become valuable assets in the future. They are like tiny seeds that, when nurtured with the right conditions (favorable market trends, company growth, industry boom), can grow into mighty trees, yielding abundant returns.

But investing in the best penny stocks’ future multibagger is not everybody’s cup of tea; it requires a hawk’s eye to spot the potential, through research, and the willingness to hold onto them for the long term. While it is important to remember that not all penny stocks will turn into multibaggers, the ones that do can bring substantial returns and add a touch of excitement and thrill to your investment journey. 

Top Multibagger Penny Stocks in the Last 1 Year

S.no Stocks Name Market Capitalization(in Cr) P/E Ratio 5 Years Returns (%)
1. Avance Technologies Ltd 190.3 201.98 4900
2. Empower India Ltd 320 72.56 1373.68
3. Softrak Venture Investment Ltd 66 NA Infinity
4. Mena Mani Industries Ltd 78.1 145.11 -41.09
5. Unitech Ltd 3,118.63 NA 812.70
6. Blue Chip India Ltd 21 NA 1015.15
7. Aerpace Industries Ltd 226.33 NA 152.84
8. Comfort Intech Ltd 317.7 24.26 58.88
9. Vivanta Industries Ltd 56 53.54 -36.44
10. Jai Mata Glass Ltd 19 NA 500

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Investing in penny stocks can be an amazing opportunity, but it comes with its own set of risks. While some penny stocks have the potential to become multi-baggers, not all of them will succeed. It is important to do research consider the company’s fundamentals, and consult with financial experts before investing in penny stocks.

The list provided above is not exhaustive, and there are many other penny stocks worth considering. It is important to diversify your investments and not pull all your money into penny stocks. Keep an eye out for market trends and always be prepared to hold onto your investments for long periods of time to maximize your chances of success. 

Remember, the key to successful investing in penny stocks is to be well-informed and make decisions based on sound judgment. Never fall into the trap of market sentiment. With careful planning and smart investments, you may find some Upcoming Multibagger Penny Stocks that can be a valuable addition to your investment portfolio. 

Disclaimer: This is for general information and education purposes only. The Securities quoted (if any) are for illustration only and are not recommendatory. Past performance does not guarantee any future returns. Investments in the securities market are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing. For more details/disclosures, visit univest/univest mobile application.

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