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InterGlobe Aviation, Witnessed a Record Surge in Share Prices Following Impressive Q3 Earnings Report

InterGlobe Aviation, the parent company of India’s largest airline, IndiGo, experienced a substantial rise in its share prices on Monday morning, with its stocks surging by more than 5% to a record high of Rs 3,300.

The reason behind this growth

The cause behind this upward momentum was the company’s impressive third-quarter (Q3) earnings report, which was received with great enthusiasm from various brokerages.

The Q3 report revealed that InterGlobe Aviation’s net profit had more than doubled to Rs 2,998 crore, owing to the company’s strong demand, fuel surcharge, and improved operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the company’s EBITDA margin grew to 28.1%, indicating higher yields and declining fuel costs, while the yield per passenger remained steady at Rs 5.34.

How did Brokerages respond to the report?

Brokerages responded positively to the Q3 report, with Nuvama Institutional EquitiesFF raising IndiGo’s FY25/26 EBITDA target by 12-15% and revising the target price to Rs 3,774, a 30% increase, while maintaining its “buy” call. Morgan Stanley also increased its target price to Rs 4,145, citing a strong balance sheet and healthy vendor relationships, and retained its “overweight” call.

UBS Securities boosted its target price to Rs 3,900 and kept its “buy” rating, acknowledging the strong Q3 performance and potential for continued yield strength. However, Jefferies maintained its “underperform” call with a target price of Rs 2,500, expressing concerns about the potential yield pressure from Air India’s fleet expansion.


IndiGo, known for its punctuality and affordability, is anticipating a strong performance in terms of yields for the upcoming six months, according to recent reports. The airline has been expanding its network, adding new routes and increasing flight frequency. However, some analysts, such as Jefferies, have raised concerns about potential pressure on yields later in the year.

Despite this, the overall sentiment among brokerages remains positive, with many analysts highlighting IndiGo’s robust competitive advantages and bright future prospects.



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